The Top 4 Reasons Kickboxing Makes Summer Bodies

4 Reasons Why Training Like A Fighter Will Give You The Best Summer Body


Some of the best bodies in the world belong to kickboxers, but you don’t have to plan on stepping into the cage just to own that fighter physique. Almost everyone can train like a fighter, all you need are a pair of boxing gloves and a place to train. It is never too late to pick up a new activity, and kickboxing classes are one of the easiest ways to get a head start on a summer figure because it is a fun, high-intensity, full-body workout that will tone almost every muscle in the body, all while teaching you a useful skill.   


So how does fight training help you get toned?


1). High Intensity Training Will Lower Body Fat

One hour of kickboxing can burn up to 1000 calories, which means that consistent training can help you lose a pound of fat each week. What makes kickboxing such an effective workout is that it is FUN. You stop noticing how hard you are working when you get to focus on hitting the bag and learning a new skill. Additionally, kickboxing classes offer high energy environments that will help push your workout.  


2). Constant Punching Will Tone Your Shoulders and Arms

Your shoulders and triceps are the most active muscle groups when you throw a punch because you are constantly extending and retracting your arm explosively. You’ll be throwing hundreds of punches in a single kickboxing class, and when you add the weight of your boxing gloves to the end of your hands, you get a killer workout for your arms. Between straight punches, hooks, and uppercuts, you’ll never get bored.


3). Muscular Core

A strong core is a huge component of being able to throwing a punch. You twist your torso everytime you hit the bag, which means you are continually engaging the big muscles in the core like the obliques and the abdominals.


4). Glutes of Steel

Because fighters have to be quick on their feet, their legs are always in play. Kickboxers are constantly bouncing around the ring in addition to throwing strikes, which is why kickboxing training also amounts to a great leg workout. The constant dancing of your legs will lead to well defined glutes and quad muscles, which means your legs will be just as toned as your arms after a kickboxing workout.