Kickboxing Program

Kickboxing is a unique and exciting way to get a fantastic workout as well as a viable form of self defense.  At Train for Life we offer a wide variety of kickboxing programs to accommodate everyone from the fitness enthusiast to the competitive athlete.   Our facility is fully furnished with all the equipment you need for your training.  All of our instructors are competitive combat sport athletes with practical experience. 


Cardio Kickboxing

  Cardio Kickboxing is an all out workout designed to keep our members slim, fit, and full of cardio endurance.  Kickboxing is wonderful for anyone who wants weight loss, fat loss, or improved physique.   Bring your wraps and gloves and punch away the pounds on one of our 150 lb. heavy bags. 


Train for Life

  Train for Life is our signature class. It is an intense class that combines kickboxing and interval cross training to create the perfect workout.  By combining exciting bag combinations with floor work, kettlebell exercises, and battle rope drills you won't get bored and you will burn between 500 - 850 calories in one hour. 


Private Lessons

  The fastest way to improve in your striking is to work one on one with an experienced coach.  One on one training allows you to discover and focus on your individual training needs which means you can move at your pace.  For information on whether private lessons are a good match for you please call and book a complimentary consultation.