Full Service Athletics Facility

Train for Life is a  full service fitness center.  We offer squat racks, bench press stations,cable stations, free weights from 5-100 lbs, an enormous selection of kettlebells,  an indoor turf and a wide selection of plyometrics and performance equipment.  We also have women's and men's locker rooms that include showers.  Whether you are looking to come in and catch a quick solo workout, take a fitness class, or meet with a certified personal trainer Train for Life has all of your fitness needs covered. 


Full Gym

  The full service gym is open for use during all hours.  Come on in and catch a workout at your convenience.  Train for Life is a different kind of gym and may not look like other gyms you have been to.  

  At Train for Life we are committed to creating an environment and community that is focused on health and physical fitness and as such you will not see row's of treadmills and other cardiovascular machines  that are full of empty promises.  You will also notice that we don't have televisions all over the place because we need you here focused on your body and ready to perform.  

  We have also removed almost all of the fitness machines that are carried in traditional gyms.  The majority of fitness machines are designed to impress rather than to yield significant results.  They give you a mistaken impression that fitness is something that should be a "no brainer" and that our bodies needed the assistance of fancy machines to reach their potential.  The reality is that these machines usually hold you back!

  We offer no replacements for hard work.  We can't offer you a magic pill that will solve your fitness needs without you needing to think.  What we can offer you is a wonderful positive community that will do absolutely everything in it's power to provide you with the tools and motivation you need to find your own lasting success.  Let us help you train for your life.


Personal Training

  Personal Training remains one of the most effective ways to achieve your fitness goals.  Come meet with one of our trainers for a no hassle complimentary consultation to see if they can help you.  They will help you identify where your fitness level is right now, learn from you where you would like to be, and see if there is a way they can help you.  We are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge, accountability, motivation, structure, and enjoyment you need to find success.