Cardio Kick Boxing


Have fun and burn fat in this high paced and exciting cardiovascular workout.  Each student will have their own professional heavy bag to work on. Gloves and wraps required when working on the heavy bag.   No experience necessary.  

Fundamentals of Striking


  This class is designed to dive deeply into the fundamentals of kickboxing.  Over the course of the structured curriculum we will cover everything a person needs to know to be a competent kickboxer.  Topics include but are not limited to punching technique, kicking technique, footwork, head movement, distance management, stance, counter punching, effective combinations, and target acquisition. 

Train for Life


  Train for Life is our flagship class.  This intense combination of heavy bag training, and high intensity interval training was specifically designed by a veteran personal trainer, combat athlete, and coach to increase the performance of combat athletes.  What this means for you is that you can get an amazing, fun, and effective workout that will help you achieve your physical goals faster than you thought possible.  No experience is necessary for this class and no physical fitness requirements are needed.   Gloves and wraps required when working on the heavy bag. You are never too out of shape to start getting into the best shape of your life.